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Homeowner Insurance
Our business also features homeowners insurance to cover your home and possessions, as well as personal liability. We also provide renters insurance options.

Other Residential Policies
Renters insurance. A landlord’s insurance does not cover a renter’s personal property. Renters insurance covers your belongings, provides liability protection, and pays additional living expenses if a fire or other event stated in your policy forces you to move temporarily from your rented home.

Condominium Insurance
Condominium insurance matches the benefits of renters insurance, and also covers damage to improvements, additions, and alterations to the condominium unit.

Townhouse Insurance
Townhouses may be insured by either an individual homeowner’s policy or an association master policy. If a townhouse is owner-occupied and the townhouse association does not have a master policy on the building, you can purchase a homeowners policy on your individual unit. If the association has a master policy, you should get a Texas tenant homeowners policy to insure your personal property.

Mobile Home Insurance
Mobile homes without wheels and resting on blocks or a permanent foundation qualify for a homeowner’s policy. However, most mobile homes are insured by a mobilowner’s policy. A mobilowners policy is actually an auto policy that covers mobile homes used as residences. Mobilowner’s policies offer extremely limited coverage.
Farm and Ranch Insurance
Farm and ranch owner’s policies insure homes outside city limits on land used for farming and raising livestock. You can pay extra to get coverage for certain farm equipment and outbuildings.
Other Types of Insurance You Might Need

Flood Insurance
Texas ranks near the top of the nation in weather-related property damage each year. A large portion of this damage is caused by flooding.

***Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage. To protect yourself from losses caused by most flooding, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. Local insurance agents sell NFIP flood policies and can tell you about the program in your area.***

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