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Filing a Claim 

Texas law sets deadlines for the insurance company to act after you have filed a claim.

  • The company must respond within 15 days of the date it received your claim in writing. It will probably ask you to document your loss.
  • After you submit any requested documentation, the company has 15 business days to accept or reject your claim.
  • Once the company agrees to pay your claim, it must send your check or draft within five business days.

A company that cannot meet these deadlines must send you a notice explaining why. The company then has 45 days to either approve or reject your claim.

If the insurance company rejects your claim, it must explain the rejection in writing. If the company contends that your policy doesn’t cover the loss, ask to see the policy language that supports denial of your claim. A court usually will order the company to pay if the language is unclear and the policy could reasonably be read in your favor.

Note: The prompt payment law does not apply if another driver’s insurance company is paying the claim. However, the company is required to act in good faith and to make a prompt and fair settlement.